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Newton Wai



Voice Mail : (916)568-3100 ext 15199


Class: Math 100 (Beginning Algebra)

Fall 2010, TuTh 8:00 AM-10:20 AM, EDC



Important Dates (Fall 2010):
Sept 3 (Friday) Last day to Drop to qualify for refunds
Sept 5 (Sunday) Last day to add classes
Sept 17 (Friday) Last day to petition for Credit/No Credit
Sept 19 (Sunday) Last day to Drop without Notation on record
Nov 16 (Tuesday) Last Day to drop
Nov 25 (Thursday) Holiday (no class)

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Tentative Class Schedule

Fall 10 Free Tutoring Schedule

Homework Assignment:

HW 1
HW 2
HW 3
HW 4
HW 5
HW 6
HW 7
HW 8
HW 9
HW 10

Graph Paper

Additional Materials

Practice Test for Chapter 9 (1-14, 18-19)
Practice Test for Chapter 9 (answers)
Practice Test for Chapter 10 (1-10)
Practice Test for Chapter 10 (answers)

Study Guide for Final

Campus Policy documents:

Students Rights and Responsibilities

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Equivalent Courses

Course Substitution Form
Challenge Form for Prerequisite